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This is Porcupine. In this podcast series, hosts Merrell-Ann Phare and Michael Miltenberger explore reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians. Listen in as they have in-depth, funny, and revealing discussions with a variety of people, from activists to comedians, who are all focusing on reconciliation in big, small, and surprising ways.

Why “Porcupine”? There’s this old joke that goes: How do two porcupines hug? Carefully. And such is the story of reconciliation – at least so far.

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Season One

Episode 0: Meet The Hosts

With Deborah Bowers, Merrell-Ann Phare and Michael Miltenberger
  29:04       Play Episode      Download     CIERIndian ActMeech Lake Accord

In this introductory episode, Porcupine writer Deborah Bowers turns the tables on hosts Merrell-Ann and Michael to find out why they’re doing this podcast. She asks about their stories, backgrounds, and personal experience with reconciliation in Canada.


Episode 1: CLI Elders Explain Reconciliation

With Rodney Burns, Stan McKay, and Garry McLean
   20:35         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Collaborative Leadership Initiative, Indian Act

In this episode Merrell-Ann and Michael discuss reconciliation with three elders: Rodney Burns, Stan McKay, and Garry McLean. They attempt to define the concept of reconciliation and talk about their concerns, fears, and hopes for the future.


Episode 2: Northern Reality & Reconciliation Part 1

With Tony Penikett
   27:24         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Authors, Northern Governments

Today, author and former Premier of the Yukon Tony Penikett talks about reconciliation within and between governments. He discusses his new book, Hunting the Northern Character, and touches on where Canada’s been and going, and how northern governments have approached these issues.


Episode 3: Northern Reality and Reconciliation Part 2

With Tony Penikett
   26:56         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Authors, Northern Governments

Merrell-Ann and Michael continue their discussion about government to government reconciliation with former Premier of the Yukon and author of Hunting the Northern Character, Tony Penikett.


Episode 4: Water and Reconciliation – CWRA Live Taping

With Eric-Lorne Blais, Kerry-Ann Charles, and Natasha Overduin
   34:29         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Live Taping, Water

This special live-taped episode of Porcupine Podcast features water experts Eric-Lorne Blais, Kerry-Ann Charles, and Natasha Overduin. They take on difficult questions about Water and Reconciliation in front of a live audience at the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) 2019 Conference.


Episode 5: The Role of Indigenous Taxation in Reconciliation

With Manny Jules
   26:56         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Authors, Northern Governments

Michael and Merrell-Ann sit down with Chief Commissioner Manny Jules from the First Nations Tax Commission to discuss how taxes play a role in reconciliation. Manny explains why he embraces the word “tax” and talks about how the Chinook word “taksis” dates back hundreds of years.


Episode 6: Indigenous Economics and Reconciliation

With André Le Dressay
   21:19         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Regional Economics, Indigenous Economics

How have economics affection Indigenous Canadians? How do you bring First Nation governments into the regional economy? These are just a few of the questions that Merrell-Ann and Michael ask André Le Dressay, the Director at the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics


Episode 7: Sports and Reconciliation

With Patti-Kay Hamilton
   35:06         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Sports, Arctic Winter Games

In this episode, Patti-Kay Hamilton talks about how sports can affect reconciliation in Canada’s beautiful north. She shares personal experiences of competing and coaching in the Arctic Winter Games and her time working with CBC North.


Episode 8: Indigenous Law, Consent, and Reconciliation

With Bruce McIvor
   46:02         Play Episode           Download  &nbsp  &nbsp   Indigenous Law, Aboriginal Law

Bruce McIvor, the Principal of First People’s Law sits down with Merrell-Ann and Michael to discuss different aspects of Indigenous law. They discuss questions like ‘what are the differences between a chief and a hereditary chief?’ and ‘What is Indigenous Law and how is it different from Aboriginal law?’


Episode 9: Hip-Hop and Reconciliation

With Crook The Kid
   37:28         Play Episode           Download         Music, Hip-Hop

Rapper Crook The Kid, also known as Dylan Jones talks with Merrell-Ann and Michael about his music, music in general, and how it connects to reconciliation. He talks about growing up, writing down lyrics as a teenager, and how he knew this is the career he wanted. and shares lyrics relevant to reconciliation.


Episode 10: The Importance of Treaty Land Entitlement

With Laren Bill

   32:36         Play Episode            Download         CIER, Sacred Bundle, Treaty Land Entitlement

Laren Bill, the Independent Chairperson at Implementation Monitoring Committee discusses how he got into the field of treaty land entitlement and how important it is for reconciliation. He also discusses his role as the holder of the sacred bundle at the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources.