Merrell-Ann Phare

Founder and Host

Merrell-Ann Phare is a lawyer with the Phare Law Corporation, a writer and the founding Executive Director of the ‘Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER), a national First Nation charitable environmental organisation.

She is the author of the books ‘Denying the Source: The Crisis of First Nations Water Rights’. and ‘Ethical Water: Learning to Value What Matters Most’.

As Chief Negotiator for the Government of Northwest Territories, Merrell-Ann lead the negotiation of transboundary water agreements in the Mackenzie River Basin and the creation of Thaidene Nene, a national and terrritorial park in the east arm of Great Slave Lake.

She is legal counsel and advisor to a number of First Nation and other governments and organisations and regularly speaks on water issues and First Nations.

Michael Miltenberger is the principal of North Raven. His interests are water protection and governance, working collaboratively on environmental protection, renewable energy development, building efficient government, expediting land claims, and strategic planning.

He works with Aboriginal and Crown governments, ENGO’s, industry and the private sector providing strategic political advice. Prior to his current work, he spent 20 years as MLA in the NWT Legislature, 14 of those years as Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Minister of Finance, Minister of Health and Social Services and the Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.

He is Métis and lives in Fort Smith, NWT.

Michael Miltenberger

Founder and Host

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